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I'm Confused about Where I Should Stand in my Faith, but I'm not Confused about Jesus.

I can't be the only Christian who is feeling incredibly confused?

I know, I know, some people will read that and say, if you are firm in your beliefs, what is there to be confused about?

My honest answer: A LOT.

Some will think it’s my lack of theological and biblical knowledge that leads me to being confused. Perhaps this is true. In fact to some extent, it’s definitely true.

But even the most scholarly and knowledgable biblical teachers I’ve met and heard still have questions, and definitely don’t know all the answers.

I don’t question who Jesus was and is, I don’t question His love and sacrifice. I don't question that He is my Savior.

But I do have conflicting thoughts regarding certain biblical principals and Christian beliefs.

And to give myself some grace, how could I not be confused?

There are so many different interpretations, different ideas and contexts to everything in the Bible. How do I not wonder what’s accurate?

You've probably noticed, but even within the Christian community, there is such division.

Republicans and democrats.

Traditional and contemporary.

Some focusing on rituals, others focusing on relationships.

You get the point.

People get really heated over these differences.

People become so defensive when another Christian believes something different than they do. To the point of tearing apart families, friendships and churches.

These differences can leave people feeling shunned and isolated.

The thing is, I do understand why people get worked up over it to some extent.

I know that when you truly believe in the goodness of the Bible, you want the rest of the world to understand it correctly. You don’t want it to get watered down or misinterpreted.

The Bible is truly a beautiful gift from God and it should be treated so.

But I still think something is wrong when we are focusing more on the flaws of other Christian’s beliefs than we are focusing on spreading the good news and love of Jesus.

I can’t help but wonder which of the two, calling out what we perceive to be people's incorrect theologies or continuing to show them the heart of Jesus through our love.... is more likely to bring God glory?

I have to believe the answer is the latter.

I have to believe that pouring our energy into loving everyone, even those who think differently than us, brings God more glory than trying to correct everyone.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t speak truth, because I believe that is also apart of our calling.

But man, I think we often forget to speak truth in love.

(Speaking in love would not include the following: belittling, gossiping, shaming, or acting superior.)

It's not uncommon to see in headlines or in comment sections different pastors or christian leaders getting torn to pieces because they are preaching the “prosperity gospel”. Or being deemed “biblically unsound” because they are a little too liberal in their messages. Or saying things like, "they are too works-based and are missing the point of grace", or "they are forgetting to talk about obedience and repentance." .

And so YEAH, sometimes it just feels confusing.

Where do I go? Who do I listen to?

I know this might not sit well with some of you, and that's ok.

But I write this letter to you who are conflicted, to to tell you it’s okay if you don’t have all the answers. No one does.

But God does give us wisdom.

I think the best thing you can do is keep asking, seeking and knocking. Keep getting into the word and doing research.

Listen to people who are biblically knowledgeable but also go into the word to get your own revelations.

Pray and ask for His voice to be the loudest thing you hear.

He will meet you there.

He will bring clarity.

But also know that our human minds will never be able to fathom everything about Him. We will never fully understand His plan. We aren’t meant to, until we get back home with Him.

That’s what faith is all about. Believing in what we cannot see. And some things we just won’t know for sure.

But what we do know is that He loves us. That’s why He did what He did on the cross.

And I think focusing on that helps answer a lot of questions, too.

It comes back to love. Him loving us, and us loving Him.

So I encourage you, in your confusion, in your questions, to keep it’s seeking anyway but always remember Love.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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