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I’m so Flawed, but I’m still Jesus’ Girl.

I’m Jesus’s girl.

Even though I mess up, a lot.

Even though I struggle with being selfish.

Even though I don’t always go to church.

Even though my anger sometimes gets the best of me.

Even though I sin, Every. Single. Day.

Even when I try so hard not to.

Even though I’ve made some really bad decisions.

Even though I don’t always turn to Him first.

Even though I struggle with having idols.

Even though I question Him sometimes.

Even still, I’m Jesus’s girl.

Because I’ve met Him and I know Him.

Because He pursues me.

Because I’ve been healed by Him.

Because I do my best to follow His calling for me.

Because His kindness has led me to repentance.

Because I know I’m made in His image.

Because I experience His love and forgiveness daily.

Because despite my failures, I try to live my life for Him.

I’m so far from perfect but thankfully He fills in those gaps with His perfection.

He calls me to a beautiful life with Him.

And now that I know Him and I’ve experienced him, I could never go back.

Even with all my failures, even in my sin, I’m His girl.

And so are you.

No one gets to take that away from you, even if they try to. It’s not up to them, it never will be.

If you’re human, He created you. He doesn’t make mistakes, but He does make good things.

Things He knows the world needs.

He had you in mind long ago.

You are His.

Me too.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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