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I'm so Thankful God Will Leave the 99, because I've been the 1.

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I love the story of the prodigal son. It makes me cry every time I read how even after the son so poorly treats and abandons his father, his father is SO happy to see him when he returns home.

He embraces him. He celebrates him, even though he’d have every right to shun him forever.

My other favorite story is where the Shepherd loses one of his sheep. 99 of his sheep stay by his side, but he leaves them and runs to look after the 1 that he lost.

The Shepherd could be satisfied with the 99 and just give up on the 1 that wandered, but he doesn’t.

Do you see a theme here?

I love the stories about God seeking lost people. I love that we have a God who pursues us when we have chosen to take our own path, not His.

And a God who, when we do return, welcomes us with open arms. He extends to us grace and forgiveness with our return.

He doesn’t list all the things we did wrong.. He actually celebrates us coming back to Him.

I love this.

Probably because I've experienced this, and it's my story.

A story of wandering.

Actually it’s more like intentionally running away from God. Knowing I wasn’t where I should be but remaining there anyway.

I knew God had better things in store for me but I ignored Him. I continued to do what I was doing which led to a lot of shame and destruction.

And then, by His grace, I was found. I finally met Love Himself, and it really changed everything.

What a difference my life is now. Still so far from perfect, but filled with so much more love and grace.

This is why I believe the honest to God truth is that we are never too far gone.

If you have wandered, it’s not too late to go back.

If you are lost, it’s not too late to ask Him to come get you.

He will. And He’ll leave the 99 to do so.

He is an amazing father. Relentless in His pursuit and love. Never failing.

So to you who are wandering or feel lost, go back to Him.

Because He never walked away.

He always remains open and waiting for you.

He is the greatest love you will ever know.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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2 comentários

Jack Maverick
Jack Maverick
02 de mar. de 2021

Yeah, that's the best part of the story - the fact that the father isn't merely willing to take him back, no, it's way better than that - He RUNS to meet him as soon as he sees him coming up the road, overjoyed that his son has returned - Oh my God, if that doesn't break your heart, nothing will. And that IS the way it is with God - we limp back to Him, broken and ashamed and unable to look Him in the eye - but He isn't mad at us, He doesn't approach us with a disapproving frown, He doesn't say "I told you so", He doesn't demand that we grovel in the dirt - He's…

Kelli Bachara
Kelli Bachara
02 de mar. de 2021
Respondendo a

This comment brought tears to my eyes! Amen! Thanks so much for reading, Jack! God bless.

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