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In Jesus We Can Find a Peace that Doesn’t Even Make Sense

I don’t know how else to say it besides lately, my soul has felt rattled.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all. My mind has been racing 1,000,000 mph and I’ve just been getting worked up about little and big things.

Anxiety, worry, fear.. all of it like a big ball of heaviness sitting on my chest.

I could tell you all about the things I’ve been worried about.

I could invite you in to my pity party.

But then today, I heard a woman say “I feel so incredibly blessed” and it stopped me in my tracks.

You see, this woman is facing some of the hardest challenges a person could in life.

I’m talking life and death situations.

She has every reason to feel scared and upset. I’d totally understand her pity party.

But today she looked around at the beautiful world, and recognized how blessed she was to be here.

She mentioned how beautiful the day is and how gorgeous the weather was.

I literally couldn’t find words because I felt like I was smacked across the face.

She has something I don’t.

She has joy.

She has peace.

Joy and peace that completely and utterly transcend understanding.

Because if you were to look at her life on paper, I promise you wouldn’t think joy and peace were an option.

Her attitude doesn’t make sense.

Neither does Jesus’ peace.

And here I am, worried about things that are so minor in the big scheme of things.

Her simple words of “I’m grateful” brought tears to my eyes.

It made me recognize how I’ve been missing it.

I’ve been missing Jesus.

It’s no surprise this woman has an incredibly strong faith in the Lord.

She is standing in His living water, which you can see overflows in and through her.

She knows Jesus intimately and personally, and it shows.

Friends, I have to believe that this type of life is available to us now.

We don’t have to wait until we get to a life or death situation to experience the fullness of Jesus.

I think this starts with a perspective shift.

From worldly to heavenly.

From our fears to His promises.

It’s starts with noticing things like the warm sunshine and His faithfulness for another day.

My soul has been rattled lately, but it’s nothing compared to the joy that comes when our eyes and souls are focused on Jesus.

That focus changes everything.

And not even our circumstances can take away the peace we find in Him.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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