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Jesus Calls Us by Name.

She didn’t realize it was Jesus.

Mary Magdalene, a woman whose life was forever changed by the love and healing of Jesus.

...The woman who followed Him throughout His ministry, and knew Him to be her Savior.

Still, she didn’t realize it was Jesus at first.

After He had resurrected, she found His tomb empty and wept, believing that His body had been taken and moved elsewhere by the guards keeping watch.

When she turns away from the tomb, Jesus is standing there.. but she didn’t realize it was Him.

He asks her why she is crying. She tells HIm. They have a conversation, and yet she still doesn’t realize it.

Until He says her name.

Until He says the one word, “Mary”.

As soon as she hears Him say that, she cries out in awe and relief, because she realizes it’s Him.

This gives me chills.

Because this is what the call of God can do in our hearts.

We can be bogged down by our circumstances and our grief, we can be stuck and hopeless.

Yet, when He calls us by name, everything changes.

No one else calls us like that.

No one else says our name and our entire soul stirs.

Because when we know our Creator’s voice, there isn’t a more powerful and beautiful voice that we could hear.

He calls for you and I specifically.

He calls us by name.

And that call will be the best call we will ever hear.

It’s the call that says “I know you, I love you, and I want you for eternity.

Mary didn’t realize it was Jesus until He called her by name.

He calls us by name, too.

~The Unraveling Blog with Kelli Bachara

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