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Jesus, I'm Thankful for A Lot, But most Thankful for You.

Jesus, I’m thankful.

For a million reasons, I am so thankful for you. I’m thankful that before the beginning of time, you thought of me.

You thought the world could use someone like me. I’m thankful that you formed me in my mom’s womb, a perfect mixture of my mom and dad’s DNA, and your breath in my lungs.

I’m thankful for the people you put in my life from the beginning and the relationships I’ve been able to enjoy.

I’m thankful that through the rough times in my life, you didn’t leave my side, even when I tried to push you away.

I’m thankful that when I continued to make bad decisions, you continued to purse my heart.

I’m thankful for your forgiveness. The greatest gift of all time.

I’m thankful for your love. It’s the only true thing in my life that I can call “unconditional”.

I’m thankful for the babies you have given me so that I could better understand the love that you have for me.

I’m thankful that you gave me this life. This life that is imperfect and messy, but that your hand is so evident in.

I’m thankful for the call you have put on my life and that you trust me to follow your will.

I’m thankful that even though I’m so imperfect, you believe I can accomplish so much with your guidance.

I’m thankful you leave the 99 for the 1. I know I’ve been the 1.

I’m thankful for our relationship. For the comfort and safety you give me.

For you being the best friend I could ever have.

I’m thankful for the little ways you show me you are there every day.

I'm thankful that I will never had to do a minute of this life without you.

There is so much to be thankful for in this life..

But I’m thankful for you, Jesus. More than anything.

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Yesenia Ivette
Yesenia Ivette
06 janv. 2020


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