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Jesus Knows our Brokenness, and Wants us Anyway.

The child who lives in chaos at home, who hides in their room because things are scary and unpredictable, Jesus sees this child and says “I want that one”.

The woman who has been giving herself away, the one who others shake their heads at in disgust, Jesus loves her and says, “I want that one”.

The teenager who acts out, the one who is hurt and is a bully towards others, Jesus looks at and says “I want that one”.

The person that tries to have faith instead of fear but often finds themselves overwhelmed with anxiety, Jesus rushes towards and says “I want that one”.

The one who often finds themselves weeping in bed at night with heartache, Jesus feels empathy for and says “I want that one”.

The man on the streets, who has lost everything due to his choices and struggle with addiction, Jesus points to and says “I want that one”.

To the woman heartbroken and angry at the Lord because she hasn’t been given the family her heart so desires, Jesus says “I want that one”.

To the individual who looks different than the rest, the one that stands out and is often left out, Jesus says “I want that one”.

The person who has cheated. The person who lies.

The person who gossips.

The one who struggles with idols.

The person who struggles with sexual sin. The one who doubts.

The person who got divorced.

The one who made all the wrong choices.

Jesus wants that one.

You see, Jesus’ heart is filled with a type of compassion that we simply don’t understand.

He knows us, every single detail of us, and He still loves us.

He’d still give a His life for us.

He came for the broken, the sinners, the outcasts.

He came to heal, to revive, to give life.

He isn’t afraid of our brokenness. In fact, He knows how to step right into it.

He can help us pick up the pieces.

He came for you. He came for me.

And He would choose us again and again, a billion times over.

Nothing can ever separate us from His great love.

And right now He is looking right at you, with love in His eyes, and thinking “I want that one”.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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