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Ladies, He can’t be Your Jesus.

Ladies, he isn’t Jesus.

Your boyfriend, your fiancé, your husband... they aren’t Jesus.

Not even close.

Yet, it’s so easy to put the expectation on them like they are.

I know I’ve fallen into the lie that my husband should fix my wounds, bring me joy, or make my insecurities go away.

But when we do this, we are absolutely setting ourselves and our relationships up for failure.

Because only Jesus can truly do these things.

It’s so common for us to think once we have a great, godly man in our life, then we will be whole.

Then we will feel beautiful, or secure, or confident.

Then we won’t be anxious or lonely.

Please hear me, the man in your life should treat you well, love and pursue you.

But no matter how godly he is, no matter how perfect he seems, he can’t fix you. He can’t bring you peace and joy your heart needs.

God didn’t create us that way.

He didn’t make us humans able to fulfill all the needs of someone else.

That’s His job.

Jesus is the one man who can complete you. He is the only one you can go to and be sure that He has what you need.

Your significant other can help encourage you, and guide you towards Jesus.

They can be the person you seek the Lord with and enjoy life with, but they can’t be your Savior.

And you can’t be theirs, either.

Let Jesus do His job. He can fulfill your life in a way no one else ever will be able to.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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