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Looks Fade, Make Sure Your Heart Holds Beauty.

We live in a culture that promotes appearance over heart-posture.

A culture where you’re labeled more “valuable” based on how closely you fit into the societal definition of beauty.

So, naturally, many of us spend time trying to grab ahold of this image, all in the effort to feel worthy.

The amount of money the average woman in America spends on their appearance is enormous (google it).

The amount of time the average woman spends on her image is even more surprising.

Dieting, makeup, botox, more dieting, the newest clothes, all the lotions and face creams, and of course more dieting.

We put so much effort in looking a certain way.

The irony of it all, of course, being that no matter how hard we try, our youthful appearance will fade.

We’ll all get older and it will be visible no matter how much time, money and energy you spend trying to prevent it

Imagine with me for a moment, what it would be like if we put that same kind of effort into changing our hearts.

What if we spent that time seeking the heart of Jesus instead of scrolling through the feeds of instagram models.. envying what they have?

What if we took the time to work on our weaknesses and sin rather than try to cover up our struggles with a “perfect” image?

We will never be perfect, whether in our heart or our appearance.

But one outlasts the other. One has more of an impact on the world.

And that’s our heart.

It’s from our heart that others experience the love and grace we have to offer.

It’s from our heart that we can share with people the good news about the God who loves them.

It’s from our heart that we can live differently, and be a light in this world.

Our heart is what makes a true, lasting impact.

It’s where our real legacy will lie.. not in our appearance.

I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with wanting to look good… until it becomes an idol.

Until we start spending more time looking at ourselves than we do gazing at God.

Because no matter how hard we try to be pleased with our appearance, it will never fill our hearts anyway. We will be chasing after something that is so empty.

God made us for so much more than to be something pretty to look at.

So much more.

Don’t let the enemy twist that in your mind.

The looks will fade.

Make sure your heart holds beauty.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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