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Moms of Moms are a Gift From God

Moms of moms.

(Also known as: grandma, granny, memaw, Mimi, nana, etc.)

These women carry a depth and enormity of love in their hearts that the human mind cannot comprehend.

Because they have multiple generations of children, young and old, that they love endlessly.

They are their daughter’s friend, confidant, and greatest advice giver.

They are their grandchildren’s comfort, extra-mama, and spoiler.

Even all these years later, they are still their grown daughter’s safest place to run to.

Moms of moms.

They are the help that comes when things feel so heavy.

They are a reprieve as they take the kids and whisper to their grown baby, “go back to sleep.”

They know better than anyone when their daughter is overwhelmed, even now.

Moms of moms are exceptional. They know everyone’s individual needs and desires, because they take the time to listen and understand.

Moms of moms pray powerful prayers of protection over their family, and often find themselves in tears thanking the Lord for each precious life they have witnessed miraculously come into this world.

They are strong.

They are beautiful.

They are familiar and safe.

A mom of a mom is a rock and a foundation of their family.

Without her things wouldn’t be the same.

Moms of moms are a gift.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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