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My Mom Still Waves Goodbye to Me

My mom still waves goodbye to me.

She stands out on her drive way and waves. Sometimes even blows me a kiss.

She still makes me meals when I come to visit. All of my favorite meals are made by her.

There is just something about the way she cooks.

She still buys me random things she sees at the store that she thinks I will like. She is usually right.

She still lets me call her when I’m bored and just need someone to talk to.

She still gives me a hug that will break down any wall I have and make me weep when I’m not ok.

She still cares about me like she did when I was a kid. She can’t help herself.

Sometimes when I find myself grieving how quickly my kids are growing up, I just think of my mom, and how much I love her and how precious she is to me...

...And I remember, a mom-heart doesn’t change just because her kids are adults.

And no one can ever take that spot in a child’s heart... grown or not.

As I’ve gotten older, my mom still does the same motherly things she’s always done, now for me and my babies.

She still stands outside, rain or shine, and waves goodbye as we leave.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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2 commentaires

Hi Kelli, my daughter shared this with me. I love it. I wish I could have a copy of this to make her a Mother’s Day gift. Is there any way I could have a copy?


This just makes me cry. Remember 'The Beverly Hillbillies'? They said goodbye the way my family has always done it: with lots of waving and staying outside until you were out of sight. My Mama used to do the same thing when I Ieft her house, no matter the weather or time of day or night. Now, it's not like I lived far from her: the most I ever lived was 20 minutes by car! Hubby could move up that job ladder all he liked but I was never going to move far from Mama so close by we stayed. And it wasn't like we didn't see each other often--I saw her frequently, especially after I retired. On those chilly…

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