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Old Friends Helped Formed You into Who You are Today.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Old friends.

You know, the ones who’ve been around for years. The ones who have known many different versions of you.

They are a part of so many of the memories that now make you laugh and sometimes cry.

Old friends.

You know each other’s families, including their weird quirks, their hardships and drama, as you spent many days together.

Your heart ached when their grandparent passed, or they lost their beloved pet, because you loved them, too.

You remember their house because you grew up in it, too.

And the first junky car you rode around in together.

You went through awkward phases of development together. Acne, braces, puberty, etc. They saw it all.

Old friends.

They get why you are the way you are as and adult, because they saw what life was like for you as an adolescent.

You understand each other in a deep way.

You cried on each other’s shoulders.

You went to parties together.

You celebrated together.

You dreamed together.

You learned about this crazy world together.

Old friends.

We grow up, we change. We make new friends. Friends that may even make more sense in our life now. Friends we may have more in common with.

But even if your newer friends are amazing, there is something so irreplaceable and special about an old friend.

They were the ones who helped mold you into the person you are today.

Even though you’ve grown and changed, they still mean so much to you.

And if you ever feel alone now, you can always reach back in time to that feeling of having them near you, that feeling you’ll never forget.

The feeling of your old, forever friend.

They feel like a little piece of home.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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