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Our Burned Out Souls Need a Rest.

I know I’m burned out when the things I typically find passion for feel like a burden instead of a blessing.

I also know it because it feels like I’ve hit a wall. Everything feels hard and draining.

I find the most basic things in life- sleeping, breathing and thinking become very difficult when I’m burned out.

Maybe you find yourself here, too?

Perhaps it feels like you are sitting under a million pounds of expectations and responsibilities.

Doesn’t it make you just want to go to bed for the day and not focus on any of it?

(Or is that just me?)

The thing is, burnout actually is an indicator that something is out of wack in our life.

It is not an indicator of weakness or the inability to do “a lot of things” at once.

It’s your body, mind and spirit yelling, “hey!! This is too much.

We were not meant to carry all that we carry.

That is what I’ve come to find about burnout..

It happens when I’m relying on myself and not on God.

It happens when I live in the false belief that I can do it all in my own power.

It happens when I don’t keep true soul rest a priority.

Burnout always happens when our eyes are on us, rather than on Jesus.

So if you are feeling burned out, I want to encourage you to lay the weight of the world at the feet of your King.

Make room to breathe and just be.

And look at Him.

Remember who HE is, not who you are.

Strength comes from the knowledge that we get to live with and for our powerful God.

Peace comes from knowing that He is the one who is actually sustaining and carrying us.

We don’t need to live life always feeling burned out.

He gives our soul rest.

But we need to bring our soul to Him first.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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