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Raising Kids who Follow Jesus is Some of the Most Important Work we Could ever Do.

I want to raise kids who follow Jesus.

I know the world rolls their eyes at that statement, but when I sit and think about it, it’s true.

There is nothing more important to me than my kids knowing, loving and following Jesus.

So, I’m going to do absolutely everything I can to make sure my kids see what a real, authentic relationship with Jesus looks like.

I want them to see how their imperfect mom was madly in love with a perfect God who madly loved her back.

I want them to know that being a Jesus followers doesn’t mean life will be easy, because it won’t be. But that Jesus is the only person they can depend on 100% of the times.

I want them to get to experience the fruits of the Spirit and give these things to other people like it’s candy at a parade.

I’m not naive, I know in the end I cannot make my children have a certain faith.

Ultimately, the choice is theirs.

But, I will put the hard work in of showing them who Jesus is and what He’s done, and will pray everyday they will believe it and see it for themselves.

Because as a parent, this kingdom work is so important.

Not only for their own souls, but the souls of others.

We never know what kind of impact our children will have on this world.

We never know who they might become and how many people THEY could bring to Jesus.

And how many people those people could bring to Jesus.

Their impact could be incredible.

Having parents (and other adult figures) who instill in them the love and grace of God could absolutely change the trajectory of their lives.

Because knowing Jesus does change one’s life immensely.

Ultimately, it will be on them to decide.

But we do have a role to play.

Our families may seem small, but starting right in our homes, we can do incredible things for the Kingdom.

Parents, we were made for this.

We were made for our kids.

We have a role to play, and it’s some of the most important work we will ever do.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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