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Satan Wants Us to Hate Our Bodies. God has a Different Plan in Mind.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

The hours spent hating our body is exhausting.

The constant need to be bettering our body is exhausting.

The search for the next product to help us look better, or the perfect outfit is exhausting.

Wondering what people think and how we compare to others is exhausting.

It’s all exhausting.

It all takes time away from us being able to enjoy our life.

The enemy has been using hatred and insecurities of our bodies to destroy us since the beginning.

The standard for beauty in our culture today is a body type that most of us would never even be able to attain due to genetics.

Yet the enemy has convinced us this is what we should strive for and spend our life trying to look like...

Knowing full well we will spend our life to seeking something that we will never achieve.

How freaking sad.

I’ve heard so many women say, “I’ll never find peace with my body.. look at it.”

To that I say “bull crap”.

Are you really saying that God isn’t capable of healing your heart of the lies you’ve been believing about beauty?

Are you really saying that He isn’t big enough to help you see things differently and find gratitude in your body?

Or are you really actually saying that you don’t want to love it until it changes?

There’s a difference.

You may need to let go of an image you think you need to achieve.

But it is possible to find peace in your body regardless of how it looks.

That will require you changing how you are talking about it and thinking about it.

Start noticing how often you are speaking life and blessings over your body versus how much you were speaking death and curse is over it.

Remember, your own thoughts are the words you hear more than any other.

And your body hears how you talk about it.

So, the next time you look at your body I want you to try something different.

Instead of noticing it’s flaws, whisper to it, “I love you, I don’t reject you and thank you.”

Even if in the moment you don’t totally believe it.

You’re going to start flipping the script.

Because it’s never too late to fight the enemy and get to walk in the freedom Jesus bought for you.

I promise you, at the end of your life it won’t matter how you looked.

It will matter how you lived and how you loved.

Root yourself in something different than the voices you’ve been listening to.

God can change your perspective.

And He wants to.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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1 Comment

Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
Jul 16, 2020

I'm going to do it! I very mean to everything I am. I must change with the Lord guidance!!

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