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Satan Wants You to Keep Hiding the Internal Battle You’re Fighting

When I think of horrible pain, I think of a bad accident or a serious illness.

I think of excruciating circumstances that are no doubt incredibly painful.

But sometimes the hardest pain to fight is the pain that goes unseen.

The debilitating anxiety.

The insecurities that keep us stuck.

The addiction we can’t quit, no matter how hard we try.

The thoughts of hopelessness or suicide.

The trauma or shame from the past that continues to pop up unexpectedly.

It’s like a war zone in our mind.

Constant battling happens in our mind as we try to pay attention to our kids, get groceries, do our jobs at work, or have a conversation with someone.

It doesn’t care that we have a life to live.

It can be so debilitating.

The pain we feel that no one can see is sometimes the hardest because it’s so isolating, often invalidated, and rarely (if ever) does it go away on its own.

So sometimes we just hide it.

Shove it down deeper and deeper. We hope and pray it goes away.

And Satan loves it.

When we keep these things hidden, he knows the damage it can do.

So he whispers lies to us:

You would be a burden to them if you shared this.

They will judge you if you tell them.

You should be able to figure this out on your own.

The father of lies himself, doing what he does and using lies to destroy us.

Because we weren’t made to hide.

We weren’t made for secrets in our soul.

God did not make us to live in the darkness, but to live in the light. Which means to put what’s in the dark in us into the light as well.

He is with us in the internal battle, no doubt. But sometimes He puts people in our life to help us walk through the agony, too.

As scary as it can be, a shift will take place as we let the light in. Power will be taken from the secrets.

And Satan will hate it.

Because he knows the freedom and strength we get when we decide we aren’t going to keep fighting alone.

We were never meant to fight alone.

So friend, stop believing that lie.

Be honest with God.

Tell someone you trust

Get some professional help.

Tell satan he doesn’t get to steal any more from you.

You’re done hiding it, because you weren‘t created to hide.

This is how the light shines in the darkness.

This is how healing begins.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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