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Someday You Will Look Back at This Time and See God’s Hand in Your Life.

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Your heart aches.

Fear has stolen so much of the present from you.

You feel lifeless as you do each day on autopilot.

You don’t feel yourself, and maybe you don’t even know who you are anymore.

Sometimes life knocks us so far out of our comfort zone, it’s hard to remember what comfort felt like.

It’s hard to remember what it was like to feel okay.

Many, many of us are in a period of life that is simply unsettling and difficult.

And the voices in our head whisper, this is how it’s going to stay.

We can’t see past the fog and darkness that is surrounding us, so it’s hard to believe there is anything else out there.

And then we find ourselves feeling distant from God and wondering why the heck He isn’t intervening.

Friend, I am so sorry if you are in this place.

Sometimes the hardest thing to hold on to in times like these is hope.

I wish there was a way I could give you a little glimpse into your future.

Just a small little window to see that things really do change, and you don’t stay this way forever.

I can’t though.

But you know what?

God already guarantees this.

Not that life won’t be hard, but He does say He has victory over our battles, and He has peace and joy for us (no matter what our circumstances are).

I can’t show you the future, but He already knows it.

He’s known your future before time began.

And here is what I do know..

There will come a day when you will look back at this time and will be able to see God’s hand in your life so much more than you do right now.

You will be able to see how He really was carrying you through it.

You will be able to see more clearly how He used the bad and hard times for your good.

He can see things we can’t, and He can use even the hardest times of our life to grow us and bring Him glory.

You won’t feel this way forever.

Try to hold on to that truth.

Someday you will see it so much more clearly.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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