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Sometimes God Closes Doors To Protect Us. But It’s Up To Us To Keep them Closed.

Let’s say you’re a parent to a little kid.

You are standing at the front door of your house, which is wide open. You see that a big storm is coming your way, it looks like lightning, hail, maybe even some serious winds.

The thing is, your child really wants to go outside and play. They just love it out there.

Your child also doesn’t understand storm clouds, or warning signs of storms, so they get upset when you say “no” to going outside.

And when you shut the door? They have a tantrum.

They cry and ask “why?!”

They wonder why you’re so mean.

They don’t understand why you wouldn’t let them do what they so desperately want to do.

You must not care or love them (they are also a bit dramatic).

But you love them so much, you would never let them go outside.

You know what could happen to someone who is outside when lightning strikes, right?

You aren’t mean at all, you are just trying to protect your child.

So you close the door.

I’m thankful God closes doors for us, too.

Maybe not in the moment. In the moment I might have a tantrum and cry out “why?!”

But I’m thankful looking back that He could see the storm I’d encountered if I walked through the door, a storm I couldn’t see.

He could see the pain I would endure.

He could see how it could maybe even kill me.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but I’m thankful He closes doors.

He closes doors to relationships.

He closes doors to careers.

He closes doors to opportunities.

He closes doors to experiences.

He closes doors even to dreams.

He closes doors, but He still gives us a choice.

Are we going to have faith that He closed the door for a reason and trust in that? Or are we going to try to re-open the door?

Are we going to keep going back to the door, jiggling the handle, hoping that He was wrong?

He gives us the choice.

I pray that when the door closes, you will listen to God and understand a closed door does not mean hope is lost and good things are gone.

It simply means that’s not the right door to walk through at this time.

The good news? God is a door-opener as well.

He closes doors and opens others.

He can make doors where we haven’t even seen them before. He can make a brand new way, a better way.

He knows which doors will help lead us into an abundant life. That’s what He wants for us.

Go to Him and ask Him what doors in your life need to be opened, and which need to be shut.

He won’t be wrong.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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