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Sometimes it’s When Things Fall Apart that We are Being Put Together

Have you ever felt like life has stripped you of things that provided you comfort or security?

Maybe you are someone who loves to have a plan, but nothing is going according to the timeline you created in your head.

Or maybe you are someone who likes to have control, but something comes into your life that makes you feel completely out of control.

Maybe you have been relying on a certain person or thing to help you cope, but they have gotten busy, or left your life and now you feel alone.

Sometimes the things that make us feel secure in our life get stripped away.






And certainty about the future.

When they get stripped away, it can feel like things are absolutely falling apart.

Or maybe they feel completely shattered already.

It’s heavy, it’s painful, and it’s hard to understand God during these times.

We start to realize just how not in control we are.

And how life can hit us upside the head and take the things we love and want to keep.

It’s also in the falling apart that we have to rely on our faith, because we recognize it’s the only thing that the world can’t take from us.

Sometimes it’s in the crumbling that we have to learn what real reliance on God looks like.

Where we have to say, “I have no idea what your doing but I’m going to trust you.

It’s in the falling apart that we understand this life of ours doesn’t just work however we want it too.

The falling apart is awful.

But sometimes it’s also where we get placed back together.

God does something to us when we are stripped of our worldly comforts.

He comes in and becomes our comfort.

He really does become the “rock” that we can stand on. The only rock that doesn’t shake.

He shows us He is our fortress, and the place we can run to hide.

If it weren’t for us falling, we wouldn’t be able to discover such a grace as God’s.

Our faith wouldn’t be stretched.

I know horrible things happen to people and I am not saying, “be happy about it”.

No, don’t be. Grieve. Cry out. Be honest.

Let yourself fall apart.

But do it with God in mind.

Knowing that He picks up our broken pieces.

His love is the glue that rebuilds us back up.

You can’t build a new building where the old one stands.

The falling apart is essential to the rebuild.

Let God rebuild you.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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1 Comment

Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith
Aug 18, 2020

I haven't been able to cry since I came to God 2 yes ago. Y? Before I cried all day. Help me please

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