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Not Everyone will Stay in our Life Forever. It will Hurt, but we will be Okay.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

It’s so weird how someone can be in your life, every single day, and then one day not be there anymore.

Whether it’s a friend, significant other or family member.

Maybe the relationship ended on good terms. Maybe it was a “I think our time together is done, I wish you the best” type of thing.

Or maybe it was completely devastating.

Regardless, it’s so strange that relationships can change so immensely and quickly.

You may not be at a place of peace with it yet, and that’s ok.

Sometimes the end of a relationship can literally be one of the hardest things we go through in life.

I hope you know it’s okay that your heart still hurts a bit.

You have memories, maybe years worth, with that person.

Memories that you can’t erase.

Whether you like it or not, they are a part of your story.

I know that can be hard, because it would be so much easier to forget.

But instead of forgetting, maybe we can try to focus on what came from the relationship.

You were in each other’s life for a reason during that time.

Maybe you walked through hard times together.

Maybe you understood each other in a way no one else did.

Maybe you encouraged one another to be bold or to embrace who you are.

Maybe even, your relationship together opened your eyes to what you really wanted and needed in life.

Maybe this relationship helped you get to a place you never would have gotten otherwise.

Whatever it was, it’s okay to acknowledge that that person meant a lot to you.

It’s okay if they still do.

It’s also okay that they aren’t in your life anymore if they aren’t meant to be.

Not every relationship we have is a lifelong one.

I hope you won’t linger in the past questioning the whys and how’s too much.

I hope you’ll take what you learned from that relationship and move forward, knowing there are other relationships to be made.

Finally, I hope you know that your feelings are valid, but that you won’t always feel this way either.

Somehow, life continues to move forward and you will continue to grow.

It’s okay if they aren’t in your life anymore.

Not everyone is meant to stay.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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