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Sometimes We Don’t Know how Unhealthy it is Until We are Out of It.

I remember coming out of a dark and frankly, weird, season of life and looking back almost in shock thinking, “oh my GOSH, how did I actually live like that?

Like how did I ever think that was ok?

It’s strange how when we are in an unhealthy place in life, we are sometimes blind to seeing just how unhealthy it is.

We justify our actions by telling ourselves it’s not really impacting anyone else.

We justify the abuse we are enduring because it’s not that bad.

We justify all the drinks we have because it’s still less than so-and-so.

We justify the manipulation and control from others by saying, “it’s just how they are.”

We justify the sin and addiction because this time will be the last time and then we will change.

Somehow, we convince ourselves that what we are doing, or what we are living in, isn’t as bad as it is.

Even though we know in our hearts something is off.

Something isn’t right.

I have come to find that one of the main reasons people aren’t quick to get out of the unhealthy and even harmful things in their life is because they fear what life would be like without it.

Even unhealthy things and people can become oddly comforting. Or we believe there is nothing better out there for us.

We could never be happier.

Breaking free from the things that are destroying us can be downright terrifying.

This is where so many people get stuck.

This thing happens, though, when you take the leap of faith that your spirit has been nudging you to...

When you actually take a step away from the choas and destruction into the life God has called you too..

When you finally start walking in a healthier place, your eyes are opened wide to just how unhealthy it was.

Suddenly, its like your brain starts to see things differently.

A paradigm shift happens.

And you get a taste of something new, something you haven’t felt in a long time….


Getting sober actually can lead to freedom.

Setting boundaries with people can actually lead to freedom.

Changing your life style and caring about your body, mind and soul can actually lead to freedom.

Following God’s will for your life… It leads to freedom.

So friend, listen to that nudge in your heart telling to that something isn’t right and that you need to move.

I know it’s scary.

But God doesn’t call us out of unhealthy places to just leave us stranded.

Will there be hard parts? Of course there will be.

But you will be met with a grace, love and mercy that is unexplainable.

You will be met with a new perspective of life.

Jesus can make your life do a total 180 turn.

But you need to do the walking away.

You need to decide to leave the unhealthy parts.

But rest assured, you won’t be leaving alone.

Because when you take that leap, when you decide to change your life, you are walking in line with Jesus.

And where Jesus is, there is freedom.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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