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Take Heart. You Were Never Meant to Carry All This.

Sometimes I’m envious of people who live in the pre-technology eras.

I do love aspects of technology, but I also believe technology and social media are some of the main things bogging us down.

So sometimes the days of little interaction with the outside world (outside of your own community) sounds peaceful.

Think about it.

We have immediate access to everything going on in the world right now. They didn’t.

We hear about the evil, heinous things that are done everyday, while they only heard about things happening near them or to someone they knew.

We know what everyone is doing all the time. We know when we aren’t included, we know when they get the things we wanted, we are so aware of us versus them.

We see and read everyone’s political opinions. And opinions on everything else, really.

We consume all this on top of everything else we are dealing with in life: jobs, families, relationships, etc.

Do we really wonder why we are so overwhelmed?

Our brains can’t absorb and make meaning of all this.

We can’t carry all this on our shoulders.

We weren’t meant to.

Do you know that God didn’t make us to hold all this?

He didn’t make us to figure this all out.

He realizes our capacity and limitations much better than we do.

In fact, it’s these very limitations that help point us to a God who CAN hold it all.

He says His burden is light for a reason.

Because He knows we can’t handle all this.

So, if you find yourself swimming in a sea of stress and overwhelm, ask yourself (and God) if you are carrying things that you were never designed to carry.

We have a forever companion in God, who will always walk beside us.

And when you feel like it’s all taking over you, take heart friend, because He has already overcome the world.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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