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Thank You Jesus for not Answering My Prayers the Way I wanted You To.

We pray for relationships to work out.

Only to have them end.

We pray for that position at that company. Only to get rejected.

We pray for that friendship to continue on. Only to get left out.

We pray for blessing of many kinds. Only to feel like everyone has more than us.

We pray and beg God for a lot of things.

I’ve prayed a lot of things.

And as I sit here tonight thinking about all I have prayed for, I am so incredibly thankful Jesus didn’t answer my prayers as I asked Him to.

I am so thankful the relationships I wanted to work didn’t. I would have missed out on my husband and some really amazing friends.

I am so thankful that I didn’t get into a certain school program. The rejection led me to a really awesome job.

I am thankful Jesus didn’t just make my life super easy and smooth all the time. I had to adjust and learn and grow in ways I never would have.

I know there are painful things in life we won’t ever thank Jesus for.

I get it, some tragedy doesn’t ever get tied up with a pretty bow.

But even if you sit in the waiting period, wondering why Jesus isn’t answering your prayers as you asked Him to…

It’s entirely possible that He is doing you a major solid.

He might just know that the thing you’re praying for isn’t part of the plan for your life for a reason.

He sees the whole picture that we can’t.

He knows what we need.

My life is better because Jesus didn’t answer my prayers as I asked Him to.

My life is better because He is sovereign and I am not.

His plan is so much bigger and better than mine, and it’s so much more fulfilling.

Just wait- you might find yourself saying in the future what I’m saying now…

Thank you Jesus for knowing better than me.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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