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The Best Thing to Give a Toddler is Grace.


The most confusing, beautiful and baffling of humans.

My gosh, they can be difficult. The tantrums, the bossiness, the stubbornness, the pickiness. All of it.

I’ve never had to take so many deep breaths in my life.

I will be the first to say that some days, I feel completely worn down by my toddler.

But I’m also well aware of this fascinating phase he is in. Because when I can take a step back, and look at my boy, I can see how incredible all this is.

Toddlers, seemingly overnight, become really smart. They are talking, problem solving, expressing themselves, and just generally showing their very own, unique personality.

So, sometimes it’s easy to forget they are just 2, 3 or maybe 4 years old.

Since they can do all these things, sometimes it’s easy to put some big expectations on them.

I know I do.

The thing is, their brains still have decades, literally, until they are “fully developed”.

Their little minds are starting to understand so many words, yet their vocabulary may not even come close to matching what they can comprehend. How frustrating it would be!

They are experiencing big emotions, without have the ability to regulate them yet, or the knowledge of what these emotions even are.

They are really starting to realize they are their own independent person, and can do things on their own, which can be exciting!Yet, they still need their parents, so badly.

They do, they need us.

Because just like we are trying to figure them out, they are trying to figure out this whole big world.

They are still new to this place.

They need our guidance, grace and love more than ever.

What an honor it is to be the ones who walk hand in hand with them through this phase of life.

Remember, fellow parent, this work may seem so unappreciated and pointless.

But you are helping shape the lens through which your child will see the world.

When you stay calm, you can help bring them from their chaos into your calm, too. You are their safe place.

When you mess up (which you will), you can show them what it looks like to apologize and ask for forgiveness. They need to see this in order to learn how to do it themselves.

What you do matters, a lot.

Especially your love.

They are so lucky to have you.

And we are so, so lucky to have them.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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