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The Person who Hurt you Doesn’t get the Final Say in how your Life Goes

I don’t know what they did.

I don’t know how deep the wound is.

I don’t know how long you’ve been struggling with the impact of their actions.

But I do know that the person who hurt you doesn’t get the final say.

They don’t get to steal the joy from the rest of your life.

They don’t get to determine your worth.

They don’t get to ruin the plan God created for you long ago.

They don’t have that kind of power.

I know people can leave marks that affect you... and may even feel like they’ve destroyed you.

But no one can destroy you, friend.

The best thing you can do isn’t seek revenge. It isnt to give up, either.

The best thing you can do is decide you are worth more than how they treated you.

Because you are.

And stand up again.

There is nothing too deep or too broken that God can’t heal.

And His plan for you does not end in defeat.

This is the time to allow His story of redemption in your life to play out.

He always redeems.

He wants to show you how much bigger than any human He is.

He wants to show you how you overcome this.

He wants you to know that He has seen you from the beginning of time, and knows your pain.

He also wants you to know that there is more than this. So much more.

It might be a process of healing.. but you are worth it. You are worth the help and support you might need to heal.

Don’t let the person who hurt you have any more say in how your life goes anymore.

Because God says He will redeem you.

And He doesn’t lie.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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