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The Season of Babies is Short and so Precious.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Babies on my lap.

Babies in my arms.

Babies in my belly.

I’m thick into the season of babies.

The season where bedtime is like a zoo, and sleep often includes a little body curled next to mine.

The season where toys are scattered minutes after picking them up. Furniture is colored on. Things are messy.

It’s the season of so many, “mommy watch this!” And, “mommy, come play.It’s the season of being the center of their world.

It’s the season of wanting to dream my own dreams but putting some of them on hold, because they are my priority and my time is limited.

It’s the season of lap sitting, whispers of “I love you”, tears and so much laughter.

It’s the season of them not wanting you to leave. They’d like to keep you as close as possible.

The season of babies is trying, exhausting... and it will forever be the most precious time of my life.

But it’s so short in the span of life.

You blink and the season is over and they aren’t babies anymore.

Your house may be cleaner but you would love to hear them calling out to you to play one more time. You’d take the mess in a heartbeat.

They don’t need you to help them sleep, they don’t fit in your lap to snuggle, and they are happy to go play with someone else.

Their works expands and you are no longer the center of it.

It’s how it’s supposed to happen.

It’s a good thing.

But gosh, it hurts too.

The season of babies is when a mama is made.

It’s when she’s broken open and yet filled with the most selfless, sacrificial love she’ll ever experience.

The season of babies is sacred.

And it’s short. Oh so short.

Mama, I know it’s hard and they drive you crazy.

But I also know your love for them is wild.

Take moments throughout the day to take the mental snap shots, and just be present with these precious babies.

This season will be over soon.

The next one will be great, too.

But don’t let this slip by without acknowledging the beauty in it.

These are the days we will cherish forever.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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