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The World is Full of Fear, God is Not.

Looking at the news today, all I felt was heartache and fear.

There were kids on the helicopter?

How many people have been infected from that virus?

What is happening overseas?

I turned off the TV with a pit in my stomach.

I laid my head back as I became overwhelmed with the thoughts:

This world is freaking scary.

Having kids in this world is terrifying.

There is so much heartache everywhere, it’s like I can feel it seeping into me.

It’s heavy, here on earth.

Boulders sitting on our chests kind of heavy.

And it’s so easy to sink into the hopelessness and darkness of it all.

Honestly, I find myself slipping into it quite often.

When I get to this point, there is one, and only one, thing that helps me:

Recognizing that this world is not our home.

Knowing that this is not our final stop.

If I don’t fix my eyes on eternity, I very easily become consumed by the terror of this world.

If I don’t set my mind on things from above, I feel the wave of darkness sucking me in.

But when I remember that this is not where I am going to be forever; and that life doesn’t actually end with death, I feel a sense of freedom from all the scariness.

The world is full of fear, but God is not.

The world is full of heartache, but eternity is not.

The world is temporary, but heaven is not.

We will suffer here, it’s inevitable.

But we won’t always suffer.

Of course we will, and we should grieve. It’s horribly sad.

But don’t forget about what comes next.

Don’t forget that if the scariest thing you can think of (death or death or someone you love) is closely followed by the best thing that will ever happen to you and them (heaven).

The heartache is SO real. But it’s not forever.

Heaven is.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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1 Comment

Lorrie Antiel
Lorrie Antiel
Feb 01, 2020

So very true. Not only the fears created by current events, but the HOPE we have in life after our suffering.

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