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Then Came the Grandparents, to Give the Most Special Kind of Love.

A baby was born and his parents’ hearts were completely undone. They fell beyond in love with that sweet child.

But after countless nights of unrest, these same parents could barely function.

Then came the grandparents, to hold the baby while the parents napped.

When their house resembled a dumpster, the lawn was completely out of control, and the dishes were a mile high, the parents felt incredible overwhelmed.

Then came the grandparents, to help with some of the responsibilities.

When the baby’s belly was hurting and the crying wouldn’t stop, the parents felt defeated and hopeless.

Then came grandparents, to bring their wisdom.

The parents needed a night out to reconnect because a baby can make a couple feel disconnected. They didn’t have a babysitter lined up, though.

Then came the grandparents, to give them some time to spend with each other.

When the two blue lines appeared on the stick and the parents found out they were having another baby, fear and anxiety crept in telling them it was going to be way too much.

Then came the grandparents, who reassured them they would never be alone.

When the mom was having a meltdown and felt it was impossible for her to care for her family, and that she was still just a child herself, she cried.

Then came the grandparents, to hug her and remind her she was still their baby, too.

When the parents and their kids just needed a spark of positivity and someone to brighten their day, they knew exactly who to call.

Then came the grandparents, and put a huge smile on their faces.

Grandparents are the calm to our chaotic, the peace to our meltdown, the energy to our exhaustion, the comfort to our fear, the faith to our doubts.

It takes a special type of heart to simultaneously care for and love your babies AND your babies’ babies.

Sometimes we need a love so incredibly large that it can cover multiple generations.

Then came the grandparents, to do just that.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

This article was originally published on Her View From Home (click here):

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