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There’s Just Something about a Good Girl Friend.

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

There’s just something about a good girl friend.

Like how you can be having a terrible week, until you spend time with her. Even though she can’t fix your problems, she assures you that you‘re not in it alone, and she’s got your back.

Or how she reminds you of what’s true when lies seep deeply into your mind. She reminds you of your worth, and of God’s goodness. She fights the lies off with you. And leaves you feeling stronger.

Or how she brings up memories that make you snort.

Or how she’ll randomly text you to tell you she’s thinking and praying for you that day.

Or how she’ll check in and see if you need help with anything because she knows that you feel like you’re drowning.

Or the way in which she celebrates your victories. She’s genuinely happy for you. And also how she feels sorrow with you, as if it’s her own.

Or how she sends you funny things that make her think of you. Or how she seems to always be thinking of you.

Or how you can totally be yourself around her. How she never judges you. She is a safe place for you to come spill your heart, and you can trust her with it, because loyalty is one of her greatest qualities.

Or how when you leave from hanging out with her, you feel refreshed, and filled up. She pours into you and is such a breath of fresh air.

Yeah, there’s truly something so special about a good girlfriend.

They are one of God’s greatest gifts.

Let’s make sure we take good care of those friends, because Lord knows we need them!

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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