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This Polarized World Makes Me Feel Paralyzed, but Jesus Helps Me See Clearer.

I’m confused.

I’ve always been someone who doesn’t want to rock the boat. I don’t want to get in arguments or offend someone.

So in times like these when everything is polarized, I feel paralyzed.

Should I be agreeing with Democrats or Republicans?

Should I be listening to what this pastor says or the listening to the stance this other church is taking?

I like this author, but how do I know her views and perspectives are sound?

What’s biblical? Is this even addressed in the Bible?

I’ve realized the question comes down to this:

Who am I following?

I’d like the answer to be “Jesus, of course!”

And I do try to follow Jesus every single day.

But if I’m listening to a politician or a pastor or a friend on social media, and taking what they are saying as “the truth”, I might be missing something.

I wonder how many of us jump on a “side” because of what we are hearing and reading...

Before we even take the time to quietly talk to God about it. To dig I’m for ourselves.

I know I do.

And so I get confused because instead of going to Jesus, the only one who actually does hold the truth, I’m relying on human opinion.

I think we all are.

Friends, let’s challenge ourselves to resist putting any human on a pedestal and claiming “they know.”

They might be someone who is firmly following Jesus, but they still don’t know everything.

The only person worthy of that pedestal, and our full attention and worship, is Jesus himself.

That means getting to know HIM.

It means understanding the fruit of His spirit, His purpose for our life, and simply who He is.

Because the more we know Him, the less confusing things get.

He is not a God of confusion.

He wants to guide us in this life.

He wants us to stand for what He stands for.

We need to know His heart personally in order to personally live that out.

So If you find yourself confused like me, it might be in indicator that it’s time to really dive into Jesus.

Into His Word, and into His heart.

He’ll happily meet us there.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog


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