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To My Little Spitfire Child

My little spitfire.

You are something else.

Both the owner of my whole heart and the reason I sometimes want to pull my hair out.

I see the fire in your eyes and the determination in your soul.

A true force to be reckoned with.

The old parenting tricks don’t work the same with you. Your stubbornness and your strong-willed nature scares me at times, because I simply don’t know what to do with it.

But you know what, sweet child?

God does.

I imagine Him thinking of you before time. I imagine Him putting an extra touch of strength and sass in you.

Because He needed you to be this way. He needed you to be exactly who you are to do exactly what He planned for you.

It’s tempting as parents to want the “easy” and “calm” child. The child that obeys without question and naturally goes with the flow.

But the world needs people like you, too. The ones who push limits a bit.

God knew that when He made you.

I believe the qualities you have (that sometimes exhausts your mama) are the same qualities, that with the right nurturing and cultivating, will be used by God to help you change the world.

Even though I have to keep a close eye on you now, I know there will be a day when you will spread your wings and go.

You will absolutely soar, child. Because you will take the world head-on, confidently.

You are my little spitfire. My wild child.

The one who isn’t afraid to show exactly who you are.

And I’m so proud of that.

I’m so excited to see where you go, and how God uses you.

For now, we will work on boundaries, rules and showing you how God calls us to live.

But I never want to squash that spark in your eye and the drive of your Spirit.

And when things get hard with you, I will continue to pray to God to show me how He wants me to parent you.

Knowing full well He knows exactly what you need.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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