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To the Dads who Broke the Cycle

Here’s to the dads who broke the cycle.

To the dads who decided they wouldn’t continue the abuse, addiction, infidelity or other things that have had strongholds in their families.

To the dads who rarely had anyone show up for them, but always show up for their kids.

To the dads who were met with shame but are now choosing to parent their own kids with grace.

To the dads who never had their dad around but are present as ever in their kid’s lives.

To the dads who were never taught how to, or were allowed to show emotion, but who have made space for their kids to be able to feel.

To the dads who love their family so well even though they didn’t recieve that kind of love.

To the cycle-breaking dads... thank you for giving your family a better life than you had.

You go against the odds, and the future generations will be greatly impacted because of it.

You’ll never know just how huge your impact on the world is.

But God knows.

And He’s so proud of you.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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