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To the Lonely Heart this Holiday Season: This Can Still be a Beautiful Time.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I’ve already heard the disappointment in people’s voices as they talk about holidays this year.

The thing is, the holidays are typically a time to look forward to. They are a bit of a break for many of us. Something cheerful to anticipate.

But so much is different this year.

People are worried for their health, or the health of their loved ones. So, many families won’t gather like they typically do.

Some are experiencing the heartache of knowing an elderly member is alone somewhere that they cannot be.

Some family’s have different opinions on how to handle this all together, so there is also strife occurring because of conflicting beliefs.

This is true for many things, outside of the pandemic, too.

Some are preparing themselves for the inevitable heated political debates that will occur.

They know their family has different views than them, and they know the arguments that typically transpire.

Some people have experienced death and loss this year, so no matter where they are or what they are doing, there will be an empty chair at the table and an empty place in their heart.

I know it’s true every year, but this year esepecially, people feel lonely.




I get it. I feel it in certain ways too.

Maybe it’s me being to optimistic, but I have to believe that we do have some control over how the holidays feel this year.

We might not be able to be with our entire family, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make fun ways to connect with them virtually.

It doesn’t mean we can’t fully engage and love on the smaller group we will be around.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t do kind things for our neighbors or community.

We can choose the mindset of gratitude even if we feel sad. We can be both.

We can take the time to ask God how He could be glorified during this season.

We can spread love even if things are different this year.

In fact, I would encourage us to try extra hard to do just that.

Text or call the person who is on your mind.

Send out handwritten cards.

Give a gift to someone you know is having a hard time.

Let people know you love them and you’re thinking of them.

You might think, “no, I’m the lonely one! I need people to do this for me.”

And friend, I hope they do.

But in your loving, caring and giving, your heart will feel fuller, too.

Sometimes when we are lonely the best thing we can do is make sure someone else isn’t.

It helps us both.

I know this holiday season is going to be different...

But I know it can also be beautiful.

Let’s go out if our way to flood this earth with love.

It could be the year we look back on and think, “wow, that was a hard year, but it ended up being a really special time.”

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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