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We Want God to Change Our Circumstances but Sometimes it’s Actually Our Heart that Needs Changing

There are times in life when things simply aren’t going our way.

Things feel unfair.

We find ourselves in a place of asking God, over and over, to please heal the issues in our life.

“God, heal my relationship.

..fix this issue in my career. me feel better.

..tell me what decision to make.

..provide for me financially.”


I know God wants us to bring these prayers to Him. He cares about the details of our life- the big and the small. There is no part of us that He doesn’t care about.

So, of course we should ask God to help heal and fix the broken things in our life.

But I can’t help but wonder how many times it’s not our circumstances He is wanting us to pay attention to, but our hearts.

I wonder if He looks at us and our situation and thinks, its not an external change that’s needed, but an internal one.

Instead of just healing our relationships, maybe He wants us to work on being more gracious and kind.

Instead of fixing the work conflict, maybe He wants us to learn to have the hard conversations.

Instead of just making us feel happy, maybe He wants us to actively seek the joy we find only in Him.

Instead of just giving us more money, maybe He wants us to learn to be wise and steward what we already do have well.

Instead of making everything easy, maybe He wants us to stand on His word and His promises even when things are really hard.

Think about it…

God’s love and care for us goes way deeper than our circumstances. He is very much interested in our soul.

If He just fixes our circumstances, we don’t necessarily need to work on the deeper parts of us.

We don’t need to acknowledge the parts of us on the inside that He wants to breathe His life into.

He loves us too much to just put a band aid over these things.

So, sometimes He doesn’t change our circumstances because He knows what we need is much deeper.

He knows what we need most.

If you find yourself praying for your circumstances, that’s great. Keep praying.

But don’t forget to ask God if there is something deeper than needs to be addressed.

In His gentle kindness He will show you.

Because He loves you too much not to help you heal the right way.

~The Unraveling Blog, Kelli Bachara

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1 Comment

William Bowen
William Bowen
Mar 06, 2021

heal me Jesus

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