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When Christmas Is Over

I get so sad when Christmas is over, but I shouldn’t. Sure, my tree won’t be there to greet me each morning for the rest of the year. My neighborhood will be less lit up in beautiful colors.

Hallmark movies will no longer be Christmas oriented. Nor will the songs be at church.

Things I see won’t be pointing to our cultures portrayal of Christmas anymore.

But Christmas is about Christ’s mass.

It’s about the birth of the King, and the incredible life that ensued.

That certainly isn’t limited to one day.

Sure, the pretty lights and decorations may change around us..

But don’t be mistaken... this warm, joyous feeling we experience during Christmas?

It’s for all year.

It’s for every single day, because it continues to be true that Jesus is who He said He is.

The true feeling and meaning of Christmas is not for a day or even for a season.

It’s for eternity.

And I believe in heaven, the celebration of Jesus is constant.

So, December 25th will come to an end.

But our celebration of Jesus never needs to.

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