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When God Made Older Siblings, He Knew Their Significance.

When God made older siblings, He knew their significance.

Because an older sibling?

They lead the way.

They get their parents as newbies, and help mold them into the parents the younger kids will get.

They do all the firsts as the parents nervously sit by and watch.

The first to test the limits.

The first to break the rules.

The first to leave.

The first to break their parent’s heart into pieces.

They are such a profound part of the parent’s journey in motherhood and fatherhood.

But their significance doesn’t end there.

Older siblings lay out the carpet for the siblings to come.

In some ways, they have even more impact on their younger siblings than their parents do.

The youngsters look up to them and follow their lead.

They start talking the same way, and using the same silly phrases.

They do what they know will either infuriate their siblings, or make them laugh uncontrollably.

Their siblings look to them for the ways of life, and they become a team.

They explore the world together.

Older siblings truly help raise the younger ones.

They form a bond that isn’t easily broken because they have a lifetime of memories that only they share.

Older siblings lose the attention they once got when they were the only...

But they learn to love that new little human who they’re now sharing with.

They grow together.

Yet, as they grow the older sibling still often plays a vital role.

Maybe as guide.

Maybe as friend.

Maybe as the best aunt or uncle ever.

But those older siblings are something special.

They’ve had the privilege of watching their siblings grow, and have a huge impact on who they become.

The younger siblings wouldn’t be who they are without them.

No sibling relationship is perfect, but they can be so beautiful.

A friend for life and a confidante.

Someone who will stand up and cares about their well-being.

A protector.

Each sibling is so important and unique..

But God knew what He was doing when He made them the oldest.

Because it’s not just about them. They leave their imprint behind on each of the siblings, too.

They are one who changed everything.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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