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When God Nudges You, Listen.

God’s nudges.

You might already know what God’s nudges feel like.

It could be an unsettled feeling in your soul, and the knowledge that God wants you to move.. to go.

Maybe it’s more like a random thought that pops in your head and doesn’t leave. It gentle tugs at you, often, and you can’t shake it.

Sometimes His nudges are clear signs. To the point where we can’t look away and ignore but all we can say is, “okay God, I get it.”

Sometimes He’ll use a stranger to speak directly to us about something that no stranger would know is exactly what we need to hear.

It may just be a clear message your spirit receives that there is something else.

Regardless, He nudges us.

Sometimes harder than other times.

But His nudges are just that, a nudge.

They aren’t an aggressive push.

They aren’t a “this is what you ARE doing, no matter what you want to do!”

God always gives us a choice.

He’s given us free will.

Listen and follow the nudges...

Or not.

It’s pretty simple.

Friend, I hope you’ll follow the nudges.

I hope you’ll let God guide you through this life.

Because His way is so, so much better than ours.

If He’s asking you to move, pivot, to try something new.. there is a reason for it. And His reasons are good. Always.

Follow the nudge.

Do the thing.

And just watch how He uses your obedience.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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