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When People Get Tired of Hearing About it, I Won’t. Love, Jesus

I know you are still struggling.

I know each day when you wake up, grief meets you like an old, unwanted friend that won’t leave.

I know you don’t bother talking about it anymore, because you’ve been grieving for so long.

I know people tell you to look at the bright side, and to think positively. I know that hurts you, because you are trying.

I know you don’t feel like you can be honest with other people about the pain you still feel because they think you are overreacting.

I know how bad grief hurts, and that there is no timeline for it.

I know, better than anyone, that there is so much hope for your life. But right now you can’t stuff the pain anymore.

I’m not rolling my eyes that you aren’t over it.

I’m not rushing you.

But I am sitting with you.

I’m not tired of hearing about it.

I never will be.

So just know, child, when it feels like your friends, family and the rest of the world is tired of hearing about it..

I won’t be.

You have a forever friend in me, and I will never leave your side.

Love, Jesus

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