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When Satan Sneaks into Motherhood.

Satan knows how to sneak into motherhood. And he wants to.

Of course he does, because motherhood is an incredibly beautiful and rewarding experience.

Motherhood gives us a new awareness and gratitude towards God, as we look into the eyes of the greatest miracles He’s given us.

Motherhood can help give us a new perspective on life. It helps us recognize what really matters and what doesn’t.

So naturally, Satan will want to destroy it. And sometimes, he is pretty effective.

He’ll sneak into a mama’s mind and plant lies about how inadequate she is.

He will tell her that she isn’t giving enough, doing enough, and just simply isn’t enough.

She’s certainly not as good as that mom over there, that’s for sure.

When a mama is trying to sit and play with her joy-filled kiddos, he starts to plant some thoughts in her mind. He reminds her how unsafe they are, and all the bad that could happen her babies.

Sometimes he may whisper to a mama that, when the going gets rough and having kids gets difficult, God isn’t really there to help her.

Satan wants her to feel isolated and lonely.

He will also try to convince her that her kids are too much. She shouldn’t take them out in public because people will judge her.

Their poor behavior is only a reflection of her poor parenting.

He will go further to say that her friends are sick of hearing about her kids, too. Doesn’t she have anything else to talk about?

He will point out how she is doing it ALL wrong. How they sleep, how they eat, how they interact, how she loves them. Wrong, all wrong. And It’s too late to change it, now.

And don’t even get me started on how satan will try to use motherhood to destroy a marriage.

He will say things like, “you aren’t appreciated.” Or, “your life is way more difficult than your spouse.”

Whatever it takes to fill our heart with bitterness and resentment.

Essentially, Satan wants to use fear, insecurity and bitterness to steal the joy that comes with motherhood.

Satan is wicked like that.

But fellow mamas, we don’t have to let him take what is ours.

Because anything Satan is trying to destroy is something that is glorifying to God and is a gift from God.

Don’t get it twisted. God isn’t putting those thoughts in your head.

Not a single one of us will even come close to being a perfect mom.

Don’t let your lack of perfection to be Satan’s opening into your heart.

Stand in God’s grace. It’s His grace that fills in our gaps.

Remember that He made being a mom a part of your life story, for a reason. Satan can’t destroy that unless we let him.

We mother alongside God.

So keep quiet and listen to His voice over the enemy’s.

God has a lot of comfort, guidance and love to share with you, mama.

And there is no one else He would choose to be the mom of your kiddos.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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