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When Someone Cuts You Out of Their Life, It Can be Turned for Your Good.

One of the worst parts about being the recipient of a breakup or being cut off from any relationship is the questions and thoughts you are left ruminating over.

You often find yourself feeling so lonely and heartbroken because a person who just filled so much of your life is gone.

And they chose to leave... they weren’t forced.

So you spend your heartbroken days conjuring up reasons and evidence that point to how they are clearly doing just fine, and enjoying their life without you

(While you feel as though your life has been shattered.)

They don’t even think about me.

They don’t even miss me.

Did I ever matter to them?

It can make you question yourself and your worth.

Am I good enough for anyone?

Gosh those questions hurt.

A whole slew of emotions come along with the end of a relationship.

Sadness, loneliness, anger.. lots of anger, confusion. And a deep search for answers.

It can be so consuming.

The truth is, you may never get the answers as to why.

A lot of people don’t get that kind of closure.

And even if you do get answers, they probably won’t actually satisfy and may lead to more questions.

This is what it comes down to...

Sometimes people will choose to leave.

It will hurt like heck.

It’s okay that it hurts that bad.. it should.

But it doesn’t mean that every relationship moving forward will be the same.

It doesn’t mean you will always be rejected.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work towards trusting another person and being vulnerable enough to love them.

It certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough to be loved.

It means this person, for whatever reason, has decided they aren’t the right person to be in that spot in your life.

Think about it.

Don’t you want someone in that spot who wants to be there?

As terribly bad as the pain of closing this chapter hurts, it’s also important to remember another chapter follows.

A chapter that you might just find holds some things and people that give you more life and fulfillment than you had previously.

It might be what leads you to find God and yourself in a new way.

Sometimes it’s the ache and pain of being left that leads you to discover who you want to be in this life.

And when you get to that next chapter, when you see that goodness and love is still an option for your life..

You might just look back with gratitude that they left.

Instead of thinking “how could you?”

You might find yourself saying, ”thank you.”

“I had no idea what this would lead me to.”

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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Wow! This was timely! It does hurt. This post helped me identify there are several emotions I'm processing. Someone very dear to me in whom I invested much love and many years appears to be cutting me out of their life. 💔 I will always love and welcome this dear lady back should she come back. Until then, I resolve to continue to become the woman God intended. ❤

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