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When the Storm Hits, God has a Hiding Place for You.



Fear and anxiety.

All of it can feel so consuming.

Like a thick blanket that covers your eyes, making it feel impossible to see beyond.

I’m not going to tell you there is a quick fix when you’re dealing with hard emotions. There is no magical cure.

But I will tell you that when sadness hits, there is a place for us to run where we will be met with whispers of hope.

When fear sneaks in, there is a place we can bring it where we will be met with peace.

When disappointment covers our life, we can escape to a place where we can see life from a different perspective.

This place?

It’s one God created just for you and Him.

It’s a secret spot, where you can find refuge and safety. Even when a storm is happening around you.

Even if the fear is debilitating or the sadness is like weights on your chest.

Psalm 32:7 says, “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

We have a hiding place IN God.

This place holds a sense of security and comfort that we can’t find in this world.

It’s here that we find a reprieve. It’s here we can lay all our junk out and know full well it’s not too heavy for God.

How comforting is that?

It’s not just a nice thought, friends.

We really do have access to this realm.

To this place.

We need only to quiet our minds from the world so we can step into it.

But it’s always accessible, and God is always happy to have us. In fact, we will be met with His song sung over us.

It’s like getting a glimpse into heaven.

Ask God to show you.

Take the time to dwell with Him in this place. It’s so worthwhile.

It might not change the storm around you, but it will give you the strength and faith to withstand the wind and waves.

It’s not a “quick fix”, but being in this place will radically transform your heart.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

**In podcast episode 31, we walk through an imagery exercise that helps you focus on the secret place with God. Check it out on The Unraveling Podcast with Kelli Bachara

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