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When the World Doesn’t See your Child the Way you Do.

My son is everything I could have asked for and more.

He’s smart, hilarious, energetic, healthy, sweet, and so so unique.

Each day I love him even more.

The thing is, if you were to meet my son there is a good chance you would not see what I see.

Not at first, at least.

Honestly, He can come off cold to strangers... and very grumpy.

He gets anxious around other people and I can see the look in their eyes when he is ultra clingy.

It’s uncomfortable.

Besides those very close to him, other people don’t usually get to see our son for all his amazing goodness.

Sometimes, this is very hard for my mama heart.

I want everyone to see how special he is, I want him to connect with people and feel loved by people.

I don’t want to have to apologize that he said something or did something that may come off as rude.

I know there are many parents who understand this feeling for one reason or another.

Today as I was thinking about this, I thought if Mary.

She knew some things about Jesus that the rest of the world wouldn’t understand.

An angel told her that her son would be “great” and would be called “the Son of the Most High” -Luke 1:32

She knew her boy had favor, and that He shared DNA with the Father.

She knew how special her son was, and throughout her life she watched as some people also saw it... while other people certainly did not.

Many people didn’t see or understand about Jesus what Mary knew.

So, what did Mary do with this information?

She treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. -Luke 2:19

She held it close, deep within her.

She held on to the special insight that comes with being a parent.

Because a parent knows more about their child than anyone else, and that’s such a privilege.

Although none of us have Jesus for a child, we do have beloved children who were born with a specific purpose.

It’s okay if other people don’t see our kids the way we do.

It’s okay if they don’t see all their potential, or all that makes them unique and wonderful.

We can treasure up all we know and hold it close... and trust that God’s plan for their life is not dependent on anyone’s opinion.

So, if you struggle because the world doesn’t see your baby like you do, that’s ok.

But remember you have a special view of them that others may not get to see.

That view is a gift.

And we can know for certain that God Himself sees how wonderful they are...

After all, He created them in His image.

Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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