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When We Can’t Keep People We Love in Our Life.

Inevitably we will all walk through it..

A time in life when we need to part from someone we love.

Sometimes relationships start out really well.. really healthy.

People and things change, though. Sometimes a seemingly healthy thing can become incredibly toxic.

(Sometimes it was from the start but we couldn’t see it.)

At some point, our eyes are opened to what the relationship is doing to us.. and them.

We recognize the shaming, manipulating or even abuse that’s been occurring.

We can see how the relationship has pulled us away from God and into an unhealthy life.

Sometimes we don’t even know how destructive it is until we get space from it.

Can God heal a broken relationship? Absolutely He can.

Can a relationship become healthier when two people decide to work on themselves? Yep!

But there are times when we simply can’t keep people in our life anymore.

Perhaps for the time being, or in some cases, forever.

It can truly be excruciating. It can leave a gaping wound and immense loneliness.

It leaves us questioning if having them in our life with the dysfunction is better than not having them at all.

But if God calls us away from a relationship, He has both people’s wellbeing in mind.

Sometimes we can’t heal near each other.

I know the pain of thinking someone will stay forever only to have to say goodbye.

Your grief is so normal and expected.. even if you know you needed to get out of it.

My suggestion is this..

If you know it’s time, let them go.

Pray for them, wish them well even if they hurt you. Resentment is a heavy weight to carry.

Seek healing in your own heart.

And then let God do the rest.

Sometimes people need to leave our life and it hurts.

But God isn’t finished. On you or them.

Take this time to let Him work on you, friend.

He can do some pretty miraculous things if we let Him.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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