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Why I Always Sit in the Last Row at Church

I sit in the last row at church.

Partially because it’s easier to exit with a crying baby. But even if I didn’t have kids, I’d still choose to sit in the back sometimes.

I know some will disagree, and that’s actually a really good thing, because we can’t all sit in the back.

But here is the thing about sitting in the back... you can hear and see everything.

You can see the hands lifted and people unashamedly responding to their Creator.

You notice people bowing on the ground, others wiping tears from their face.

You see people placing hands on other people and praying for them.

You can see how the Spirit is moving.

You can also shut your eyes and listen.

You can hear the multitudes of different voices being raised praising God’s name.

You can hear people singing their own unique words out to Jesus.

The harmony that echos in that place feels like you are being transported to heavenly places.

I love to sing and praise God on my own. And let’s face it, it doesn’t matter where you sit to do that.

I also know it sounds kinda creepy that I look around in church.

But sometimes, I am so deeply moved by the worship of others.

Because in that back row, it’s like I’m getting a teeny, tiny glimpse of heaven.

It’s like getting a glimpse into what it will be like when every knee bows and every tongue acknowledges God.

Sitting in that back row I am often moved to tears. Sometimes a lot of them.

Because during the week, hardships, stress, and things of this world pile on me and honestly, sometimes I forget about heaven. I do, I forget.

But when I’m standing in the church, I remember I get to spend eternity with other believers worshipping the Lord. I will get to look at Him face to face. I will understand Him in the deepest way. I will be whole with Him.

I know Heaven is infinitely better than this world.

But, I’m also reminded from that back row at church, just how close heaven is to us, even right know.

My soul can feel it.

I know He is here.

It’s in that back row that I am reminded what this whole life is about, and how much hope we have in our future with Him.

So although there isn’t a “bad” place to sit in church, I’m grateful for this spot that gives me a tiny glimpse of heaven.

And even more grateful that I have access to it right now.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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