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Yes, Some People Have it Worse. And Yes, Your Pain is Valid, Too.

There is a heavy blanket of grief laying over our world right now.

People losing loved ones, or worrying they will.

Sick people fearing for their lives.

People losing their jobs and not knowing what they are going to do to make ends meet.

People isolated and alone.

Broken hearts and grief.

Many of us find ourselves quieting our pain. Because after all, it’s not as bad as what they are going through.

Listen, there is value in having a “this could be worse” perspective. It helps us be grateful for what we have.

But friend, your pain is real.

Your pain is no more or less valid based on the amount of pain other people are experiencing.

If you are heartbroken because your wedding got cancelled, that’s valid.

If you are devastated for your senior son or daughter who is missing out on all the “lasts”, that’s valid.

So many of us are grieving what should have been.

If you are about to explode because you feel so overwhelmed with all that is happening at home, that’s valid.

If you are lonely and sensing the loss of connection, that’s valid.

If you are constantly anxious and feeling the effects of it in your body, that’s valid.

Your pain is real and it shouldn’t go ignored.

Talk to someone. Get a counselor (even if it’s virtually).

Know that God cares about your pain, too.

He sees you.

He is aware of your pain.

He thinks it’s valid.

He isn’t picking and choosing who gets His attention based on who has the most pain.

He’s right there, sitting with you in the heartache.

It does us no good to stuff this down, and it won’t just go away.

So give your pain some of your attention.

Be kind to yourself about it.

Ask for help.

Lean on others.

Lean on God.

And remember that it won’t always feel this way, but it’s okay to feel this way right now.

The LORD is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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