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You’ll Get it Back, Mama. But Not their Littleness.

You’ll get it back, mama.

You’ll get your sleep back. Nighttime feedings will end. Their bad dreams won’t require your comfort. They’ll be able to get their own water.

You’ll get your schedule back. You won’t always be your family’s taxi. Practices and gatherings won’t always crowd your calendar. You’ll be able to do what you want when you want to.

You’ll get your house back. You’ll be able to get that nice couch without the fear of someone scribbling on it. The toys that drive you nuts will disappear for good. So will their piles of clothes, once they leave.

You’ll get your freedom back. You won’t have to plan around nap times or feedings. You won’t have to consider everyone else’s plans before you can make your own.

You’ll get quiet car rides back.

You’ll get the music you like back.

You’ll get your hobbies back.

You’ll get time to run towards your passions.

But the one thing you’ll never get back is this time with yours kiddos.

This time right here.. it’s once in a lifetime.

I know the rest might weigh heavily on you... I know you might feel guilty you can’t do it all right now.

But the time will come. It will.

And when it does you might find yourself reminiscing on the days when your littles were in your home and in your arms.

...These days you’re in right now.

It’s okay to want things back. And you will get them back.

We can also look forward to all the amazing times the future holds with our kids, too.

But hold on to this time, and hold on to those sweet ones, because this only comes once.

Their littleness doesn’t come back.

~Unraveling Motherhood with Kelli Bachara

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