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You May Not Be Totally Healed, But That Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Healing

I have heard many stories, from Jesus’ time on earth all the way to the present, of people being miraculously healed on the spot.

Miracles are often the thing that lures us to Jesus. They entice us, make us curious, since we all want miracles... and sometimes we really need one.

In the midst of a long battle with an eating disorder, I talked to a girl who told me about how Jesus had healed her from her own eating disorder one day.

She felt it leave her body, and never struggled with it again. All in a few minutes.

A pure miracle. A miracle I wanted.

I prayed everyday to be healed from mine for years and years, and I knew it would take a miracle because I had tried everything else.

My miracle came, and I was healed.

But it wasn’t in a moment.

My miracle came as a gradual process, a shift in both my body, soul and spirit.

Through therapy where I had to open up about my deepest fears. Through self-reflection where I had to take responsibility for myself.

Mostly though, through seeking Jesus and really deciding He was what I needed most. I dove deep into His word and began to understand my new identity.

It took a while, but a miracle did happen.

The truth is, sometimes instantaneous healing isn’t what we need.

Sometimes miracles are a slow process because we need it that way.

We need the process to grow.

We need to learn to fight. To get back up.

We need to truly depend on God, to understand our own weakness and need for a Savior.

It’s in the process that we come to know Jesus on a new level.

So friend, If you are waiting on your miracle, remember that it might be a process, and you might already be in that process.

You might be on the path to healing right now.

But if we are so focused on the big, quick miracle, we might be missing it.

Take a look around.

Notice what He is doing in your life.

Take the next best steps for you.

Dive into Jesus and get the help you need.

Slowly but surely, you might just be walking into your miracle.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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