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You Don't Have to Fall into the Toxic Cycles of Your Family.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We talk about genetics.

We talk about environment and learned behavior.

We talk about generational sin.

Essentially, we talk about how it’s very common to struggle with the same issues those in our family have struggled with.

Whatever framework you are using to discuss this, it’s clear- these things seem to be easily passed down.

In some cases, being like our family might be a great thing. Family’s can be influential in such a positive way.

Other times, it’s the exact opposite.

People grow up around addiction, unhealthy marriages and divorce and often find themselves in the same place.

Some live their lives in unhealthy and destructive ways because it’s what they know.

Some treat other people in the same horrible way they were treated.

Many people feel like there is a “ceiling” on their life because their family said so, so they never go after their dreams.

We can feel so “stuck” because of what we’ve seen and been taught.

Yet, somehow, there are these people who emerge as the “firsts.”

The cycle-breakers.

The ones who recognize what is unhealthy, and commit to breaking themselves free from it.

They choose a career path everyone else rolls their eyes at.

They fight for their marriage and vow to never quit, even if quitting is all they know.

They decide to treat their body well and take good care of it.

They pursue their faith even though no one else in their family cares about it or thinks they should.

Through their own hard work, and a lot of God’s grace, they do life differently.

Even if their family doesn’t understand.

Even if they get mocked or even isolated.

Even if people intentionally try to knock them down.

They decide they will be different.

And that is exactly what the Lord has called them to.

Something new, something different, something no one else has done before.

God breaks the chains of generational baggage off of them.

He calls them to be the “firsts”.

So friend, if you are sitting in a place where you feel conflicted because you know there is more to your life than this...

I hope you know God has instilled in you the courage to do something different.

He has more in store for you.

And also for the generations to come.

Because when you break the cycle, it’s not just for you.

It changes things for those to come after you.

It changes your legacy.

So listen to that voice inside.

The one calling you not to be complacent.

Follow His voice and know that He can tear down any ceiling that’s ever been placed on top of you.

It’s time to break the cycle, and move into freedom.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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