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Your Life will Change when You Stop Agreeing with Satan.

What’s the lie he has put in your brain, friend?

What do you hear the enemy whispering to you as you look in the mirror? As you think about your parenting or relationships? As you contemplate where you are at in life?

When you think of who you are, do you think things like…

I’m ugly.

I’m not doing enough (everyone is doing more than me).

I’m a bad parent.

I’m unlovable.

I’m simply not good enough.

These lies get planted in our heart, yet sometimes we don’t even recognize them as a lie.

So we end up agreeing. I am a failure.

And then we look around at our life and focus on all the things that are “proof” that the lies are true… and ignore the things telling us otherwise.

Our whole lives can be altered and impacted by believing even one lie.

Frankly, I get angry when I think how much satan has stolen from my life and the lives of so many other people I meet… all through lies.

He knows how to use lies to keep us from living in our God-given potential. He uses them to cover us in shame. His lies keep us stuck in bitterness and resentment.

His lies take away our joy and peace.

It makes me really mad. Because we end up living our life based on something that isn’t even true.

So here it is. Here is the one piece of advice I can give when it comes to lies:


Listen, I know we can’t prevent thoughts from popping into our head. I know are flawed humans who will inevitably have bad thoughts about ourselves and others.

But don’t you for a minute believe that you can’t tell satan to get the heck away from you.

You might not be able to stop the thoughts, but you can certainly stop agreeing with them.

When they pop into your mind you have the power to say, “shut up, devil. I know that’s you and I’m not going to stand in agreement with that.”

Do you know what that is? It’s you taking power away from the father of lies. It’s you saying “you don’t get to run my life anymore, no matter how hard you try!”

Stop agreeing with the lies.

Replace them with God’s truth.

You will find the more you do this, the easier it is to recognize satan’s schemes and go against them.

God’s spirit lives in you. He has already defeated the enemy. You have that power, too.

Don’t let lies keep you from living the abundant, full life Jesus died for you to have.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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