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Sister, It’s Time to Shut that Mean Voice in Your Head Up

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Of all the voices we hear every single day, it’s our own voice in our head that we hear the most.

Like a thousand times more than any other voice.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when we feel down on ourselves if the voice we are listening to all day is cruel and mean.

That voice actually has great impact on our lives.

It can stop us from taking risks and following dreams.

It can keep us closed off from others, so we don’t create strong relationships.

It can keep us so focused on every flaw we have that we miss out on enjoying the present.

It can make us doubt our worth, and even the goodness of God.

It’s cruel.

And it steals from us.

Sister, it’s time to shut that voice up.

Not just because life will be better with a kinder voice in your head, but because God literally calls us to renew our minds.

That means fight that voice.

And it also means listen for a new one.

Because although your voice is the one you hear the most, you do have access to another voice... His voice.

The voice of truth.

That voice isn’t mean, it isn't cruel.

It will help steer you in the right direction, but not by using shame.

His voice will guide you, but not guide you with fear and confusion.

His voice doesn’t sound like belittling or tearing you apart.

He convicts, but not condemn.

His voice is the voice of love.

The voice that calls us to something better.

Renewing your mind looks like first recognizing the mean voice, and then deciding you aren’t going to agree with it any longer.

It’s deciding that you’d rather believe God’s truth over Satan’s lies.

It’s saying, “shut up” to the mean.

Because God doesn’t want you listening to that voice, sister.

I know firsthand this isn’t the easiest or fastest process.

But I also know first hand, it’s totally possible.

It’s possible to turn the mean voice into one that sounds like kindness and compassion.

It’s possible to believe what God says about you.

But you need to start with your own thoughts.. with the voice in your head.

Each day you need to make the choice to fight the self-destructive thoughts.

You have way more power over your mind than satan ever wants you to know.

Start small, start by disagreeing with that voice that has become so normal to you.

Small changes in thinking can lead to a very different mindset.

Stay the course and know that the Lord will meet you in this process.

And that mean voice?

You just might find that with time.. it’s simply not as loud.

But a new, kinder voice is.

~Kelli Bachara, The Unraveling Blog

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You wrote this for me to read. The struggle is real and the battle is paralyzing. being overweight

is a daily struggle and the words I speak to myself and the feelings that go with it has such negative affects on my spirit. God just spoke to me through you. Thank God tomorrow is a new day and I can try again. ❤️Thank you !!

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